Cancellation Europeade 2021 Klaipeda (LT)

Cancellation Europeade 2021 Klaipeda (LT)

Dear Friends,

We look back on a special year that has presented us with great challenges in almost all areas, both professionally and privately, and has repeatedly pushed us to our limits. The Corona pandemic has affected many people's health, triggered an economic crisis; the official decrees have divided society in parts. But this crisis also offered and still offers us many opportunities to reflect, learn, shape and change.

Unfortunately, I have to inform you that Klaipeda announced a few days ago that they will not be able to host a Europeade in 2021. However, as in 2017, my city is still planning to participate in the Mini-Europeade in Frankenberg. I cannot give a date yet.

One of the most important experiences from my point of view is the realization of how important personal encounters are. Technically, a phone call or a video conference may replace a meeting, but from a human point of view it does not!

Health and peace are - as always - the main focus.

We thank you for the good and successful cooperation, for your trust and loyalty.

For the International Europeade Committee

Rüdiger Heß