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The International Europeade Committee proudly presents

The International Europeade Committee proudly presents
Europeade 2020 – Together virtually

Antwerp, Belgium – The International Europeade Committee and its technical team will present Europeade 2020 – Together virtually, a virtual gathering of 200 folk dancing groups featuring 5000 dancers, musicians and singers from all over Europe taking place on its web site and Facebook page August 5th to 9th.

The 2020 Europeade will appear online in place for the real one planned this year in the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda for the 57th time and cancelled in its live version due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Since 1964, the Europeade has gathered every summer thousands of folk dancers and musicians from the whole of Europe in its rotating festival held in 34 different cities in more than 20 countries in Europe. The Europeade, member of “Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe”, is the biggest folk dancing gathering on the continent, taking place every year in July or August in a different city, in a different country, to be closer to the cultural diversity of Europe. It is important to note that, in spite of its wide European participation (22 countries involved in the 2019 edition) and its important role in the defense of local cultures and traditions, the organization receives no financial support apart from the host cities and the fees paid by the individual participants.

“The Europeade is a moment we all wait for” says a participant “because it allows us to show and share our traditions with the rest of Europe, meet other traditions, make new friends every year and live 5 days of fun”. 

“Unity in diversity” is the logo of the Europeade. We are happy to make this message accessible to all through our website  and Facebook page. More information awaits you there.

International Europeade Committee: www.europeade.eu, info@europeade.eu 
International press correspondent: Hervé Miaux, fhmiaux@yahoo.fr 

57th Europeade has been cancelled

Dear Europeade friends,
The global Corona crisis is a challenging time for us all. Our committee members and myself hope that you and your family are all doing well. 
Distance is currently the highest form of care - we are therefore strictly adhering to the recommendations and restrictions of the state authorities in order to minimise any risk to the health of our Europeade participants and guests. We are relying on the recommendations of the national and international health authorities, and, in particular, the authorities in Lithuania and Klaipėda.
As a committee, we’ve been well aware that we’ve had to tax your patience and that of your group members ahead of the Europeade, as you’d probably expected a decision earlier. However, we didn’t want to prematurely forego the 57th Europeade in Klaipėda without the necessary analysis of the entire situation.
After long and intensive discussions between our committee and the city of Klaipėda, and taking the health of the participants and all guests of the Europeade into account, we have decided not to hold the Europeade this year. A postponement to the autumn was also considered, but no one really knows how the situation will develop. In addition, accommodation for the participants would not have been possible at a later date, due to the schools being back in operation.
In my role as president of the Europeade, and in parallel with the talks with Klaipėda, I’ve also been in contact with the future Europeade cities of Trapani, Kielce and Gotha. We are currently examining the possibility of postponing the Europeade in the subsequent cities by one year at a time, because our goal is to organise the 57th Europeade in Lithuania in 2021. Please understand that all cities have the priority of dealing with the tasks arising from this serious crisis. We therefore still need some time to make a final decision.
The participation fees that you have paid will be directly returned to you by the Committee. Please be patient, for the money will certainly be returned to you!
We remain confident, however, and wholeheartedly wish that you will come through these extraordinary times healthy and unscathed. 
We are already looking forward to celebrating our colourful Europe as "unity in diversity" in 2021, with even more joy in European togetherness on the occasion of the 57th Europeade. And we will once again delight the cities and their guests with our traditional costumes, our folk music and the associated dances. Our mutual collaboration will be worthwhile for both the Europeade and Europe!
We, the committee, will inform you about the further procedure as soon as we have new information. Please also keep an eye on our website, which is constantly updated and will keep you up to date.
We wish you all the best, good health, and lots of strength and confidence in this difficult time. Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones and hold on through these times, so that we can see each other again soon, healthy and with all the old freshness of spirit.
Yours truly, 
Rüdiger Heß

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What is the Europeade?

Europeade is a five day party for 5,000 dancers, musicians and singers.

It is not just an event.  We create European friendship and unity through our diversity.

Europeade is an independent annual meeting of 5,000 people involved in folk dance and music from all over Europe.  We meet for a week in summer every year, often in a new city in Europe, old friends and new groups together.  We show our dances in displays in large arenas and in the streets of the city, and hold a ball, a parade, and an oecumenical service.  Groups dance, sing and play their music in costume throughout the city all day and all night!  We share our regional culture with the local inhabitants and each other.

About Europeade

We are committed to the preservation of our intangible heritage of regional folk culture, be it music, dance, song, or costume.

About Europeade