Frequently asked questions

You can register your group for participation in the autumn:
You can then expect an e-mail from us in December for registrations starting in early January via the My Europeade online tool:

In order for your registration to be valid, 50% of the participation fees must be paid, at the latest on the registration deadline, to the following account:
IBAN BE65 4033 0607 6196  
KBC bank Wijnegem, Turnhoutsebaan 297, BE – 2110 Wijnegem.

Only payments made to this account will be accepted. Any other form of registration and payment will be refused by the International Committee. Important! The group answers for all bank charges.

Always mention the name of the group and your registration number with each payment. 

The balance should be received on the same account number by the 1st May of the year of the event.   
Groups that have not transferred the full amount of the registration fee prior that date must regrettably be refused.

The groups can arrive 1-2 days earlier and/or leave 1-2 days later. The local organizing committee will accommodate the groups at schools. Please get in touch for this with the secretariat in Sint-Pauwels at, you also request price and conditions here. 

Please indicate the following reference with your payment: ‘Europeade - additional overnight + name of the group + number of persons’. 
Payments are due before May 1st of the year of the event, and must be transferred directly to the IEC account. Please forward a copy of your payment statement to the secretariat in Sint-Pauwels as evidence of your payment.

Every group will have the opportunity to perform at least once during one of the two major events (Opening or Closing Event),  together with other groups from their region. The duration of this performance is strictly limited to 3 minutes for everyone! We urge you to not exceed this allocated time for your performance!

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday street performances will take place on several stages in the city.

On Friday, a number of separate performances have been scheduled:
•    Children’s and youth groups at the Children’s and Youth Concert
•    Music groups at the music concert 
•    Choirs at the choir concert

The duration of these performances can be found in the respective programmes.

You paid 50 % of the registration fee when you enrolled. The balance of the payment can be adjusted to the actual number of participants (either an increase or a reduction in total numbers) when the 2nd payment is made (before 1 May).
We can refund any overpaid amount up to 15 June. Refunds are no longer possible after this date, because we will then have made the 1st payment to the organising city.

During the opening and closing ceremonies the dance groups will perform as representatives of their region or national community. Due to the continuously growing number of participating groups, it has become impossible to grant individual performance time to every dance group at these events.

For this reason, we must insist that dance groups from the same region or from the same national community prepare a joint performance. The production management will contact these dance groups in question in due time. All agreements must be made in advance; it will not be possible to accept or introduce any changes on site.

All performances at the opening and closing ceremonies must be performed with live music.
Duration of the performance is maximum 3 minutes (due to the large number of groups taking part).

One workshop will be organised for the children’s and youth groups.

During this workshop, the children will learn a dance together from the host region with the help of professional facilitators. They will perform this dance for the public during the closing event on Sunday.

The dances have been submitted in advance and can already be teached and/or studied by the individual groups. During the workshop, the participants will rehearse the dances, but they will especially be taught the line-up and choreography for Sunday.

We restrict this to 1 workshop. We therefore ask all child and youth groups to make sure to attend on time, so we can make a prompt start. In this way, they will be able to excel during the closing event as one large group.

The stage management undertakes to:

  • Distribute the performances in a fair and reasonable manner, depending upon the available possibilities,
  • Inform you of the registration of other groups in your region or national community to enable you to prepare a joint presentation,
  • Inform you in advance of the programme of the event in which you will perform,
  • Will inform you, in advance, through the website about the preliminary programs and documents. The information contains the programmes of all the events of the Europeade.

If your driver requires a separate hotel room, it is up to the group to arrange for this.

The group stands for the costs. 

If you have paid your premiums for mandatory health insurance, you can get the European health insurance card for free from your health insurance fund. You can even order the card online from some health insurance funds.

Remember to order the card timely, so that you have it before your departure.

The European health insurance card is valid for up to two years. If you lose the card, your health insurance fund can supply you with a temporary cover note. In urgent cases, your health insurance fund can send the card by fax or e-mail to the country you are staying in.

To thank them for taking part in the event, all Europeade participants are invited by the city and its local folklore groups to a Meet and Greet Event on the evening of the registration day.

Entry is free to all Europeade participants and the local population. Straight away, this will be an ideal opportunity to fraternise with citizens and meet up again with friends you made at earlier Europeade events.

There will be stages in the city centre for street performances.

We hope all the groups to be part of the individual performances during the scheduled street performances, which will take place from Thursday to Saturday.

Our aim is to ensure maximum participation of the participating groups in the street performances. For this reason, we ask each group to put on at least 2 street performances. Please indicate on the registration form on what day(s) you prefer to put on your show.

Each performance must be limited to maximum 25 minutes. Please observe this requirement in consideration of other groups. The remaining 5 minutes are to accommodate the next group, to give them the opportunity to take up their allocated, precise positions.


This will be a music concert, so it will only involve music, without any singing and/or dancing (even simultaneously).

The duration of the performance depends on the number of groups taking part.

Children’s and Youth groups will have an opportunity to perform individually during a separate show especially reserved for groups with dancers under the age of 18.

The duration of the performance depends on the number of groups taking part.

Choir concert is held on Friday. This acoustic concert consists of performances by vocal groups and small music groups.

The duration of the performance depends on the number of groups taking part.

We want to give groups the opportunity to attend a workshop where groups can teach the other groups and the public one of their own typical local regional dances.


The parade on Saturday is between 2 and 3 km long. 

Participation in the parade is mandatory. It is vital that the groups keep moving forwards all the time. Please bring your own flags as well as the EU flag. The groups are given a sign with their name that is to be carried in front of the group.

Dancing is allowed throughout the entire parade, on the strict condition that the group does not dance on the spot and prevents the other groups from advancing. The group may also NOT come to a standstill in front of the main stand/stage with the City Council, guests and IEC members, but a performance while continuing to move forward is permitted and will be very much appreciated.

A Europeade Ball for Children’s and Youth Groups will be held, so that even the youngest children to experience a lively Europeade Ball.

All children’s and youth groups are invited to attend. Music will be provided by music groups attending the Europeade.

On Thursday and/or Friday (see programme), there will be jam sessions for the musicians in cafés and on squares in the town centre. Several musical groups that have registered for this event will start by playing their own music and then join in with other musicians. Obviously it would be logical, and recommended, that musicians from the all the other groups join in. There will be no sound amplification.

Please bring some hard copies of music in your repertoire to make it easier to play together. All other participants in the Europeade who are not musicians are obviously more than welcome to listen to the music and dance if they feel like it.

On Thursday and/or Friday evenings music groups are invited to play dance music at the 'Europeade by Night' party in the city. 

Groups who perform separately cannot rehearse, due to lack of time.

Regional groups performing together at the opening or closing event are given the opportunity to rehearse their regional dance on Thursday (for the opening event) and/or on Sunday (for the closing event).

The children’s and youth groups also rehearse the joint dance during the workshop on Saturday and a general rehearsal on Sunday.

The groups that have been asked to take part in the flag transfer ceremonies will also have a rehearsal opportunity on Thursday and/or Sunday.

The rehearsal for the commemoration ceremony will take place on Thursday.

The schedule of rehearsals is communicated in the stage direstions (viewable online in July) and on the individual direction sheet you receive on Wednesday when you register.

Europeade Village is the heart of the Europeade. You find there the main stage, Forum (information desks of the previous and coming Europeade cities), handicraft workshops, workshops for children, folklore market, photo exhibition, restaurants and cafés. 

The Europeade is an event where all aspects of European popular culture, be it dance, song, music, flag-waving, national costume, etc., are equally promoted. For this reason, we expect all groups to be present at all events, in traditional costume, in the spirit of the objectives of the Europeade, as a sign of respect towards others.

A photo exhibition is being organised in some Europeade cities, featuring footage from past Europeades.

Entry to this event is free to all Europeade participants and it will definitely be worth taking a look at.

Who knows, you might even see images of your own group in action or individual members of your group in full swing.

From the LOC (Local Organising Committee). The LOC decides whether non-participants will have to pay an entrance fee for the events or not and will organise the ticket sale.