Constitutional Act of the Europeade of 15 November 1997

The Europeade is the expression of a belief in the friendship and brotherhood between the peoples of the European continent, founded on the idea of “unity in diversity”.

It takes concrete form, among others, in an annual gathering of thousands of Europeans who come together over five days to give expression to this conviction – through the folk arts and traditions of their respective regions.

This event is organized by an International Committee, composed of members representing the various European regions. This Committee assigns authority to an executive board.

To encourage the growth of this idea, the Europeade event is hosted in a different country each year, the practical organization being entrusted to a local committee in collaboration with and under the auspices of the International Committee.

Declaration of agreement, with the approval for the formation of an International Non-Profit Organization, called EUROPEADE, of which the headquarters are located in ANTWERP, and for the foundation of an editorial commission for compiling the official statutes.

Antwerp, 15 November 1997.