Europeade is chosen as one of the 33 best intimate festivals of Europe

Europeade is chosen as one of the 33 best intimate festivals of Europe

Since we started the first festival back in 1964, we here at the EUROPEADE of European Folk Culture have always made it our mission to form a community. Not just amongst music lovers and culture lovers, but amongst all Europeans, no matter their age, or background. That’s why, 56 years in, we’re still going strong—and have no plan to stop any time soon.

So we’re excited to present the latest news.

According to Flightnetwork, Europe’s leading travel agency, Europeade is one of Europe’s best intimate festivals in 2018. We were selected amongst 32 other major names, specifically for the tight-knit community we have formed with neighbors of varying nations. Here’s what Flightnetwork had to say about us:

“While each country in Europe may have its own unique heritage and history, there is a common cultural bond amongst the continent’s residents that is tangible… you can almost feel it. And the Europeade of European Folk Culture wants to make sure you do. Every year, this summer gathering invites groups of all sizes to dance the days and nights away in costume to European folk dance and music from a number of different countries. Solidarity in music is the name of the game here, and what better way to celebrate.”

Flightnetwork later mentions a key part of our appeal: that this special celebration of cultures is entirely free. So we look forward to the 56th Europeade, and to welcoming any new readers that may join us next year. Thank you! Be sure to check out FlightNetwork out on Facebook and Twitter.