Welcome to the Europe of the hearts!

A people's Europe and a Europe of the people: the EUROPEADE. Europe at its best!

What is the Europeade?

Europeade is a five day party for 5,000 dancers, musicians and singers.


It is not just an event.  We create European friendship and unity through our diversity.

Europeade is an independent annual meeting of 5,000 people involved in folk dance and music from all over Europe.  We meet for a week in summer every year, often in a new city in Europe, old friends and new groups together.  We show our dances in displays in large arenas and in the streets of the city, and hold a ball, a parade, and an oecumenical service.  Groups dance, sing and play their music in costume throughout the city all day and all night!  We share our regional culture with the local inhabitants and each other.

What is the Europeade?

International Europeade Committee is looking for volunteers for its production team

The International Europeade Committee is looking for volunteers who are interested in joining and strengthening their production team, which is responsible for the smooth running of the annual Europeade.
Are you passionate about or interested in folklore dancing, music, singing and/or flag-waving, and don’t mind spending some of your free time at the largest European dance, music and song festival?
Then contact Roland Decorte (Production Director) now on 0475 / 98.12.51 and/or roland.decorte@scarlet.be, and let him know what motivates you to apply for this position. Please put info@europeade.eu in cc.

We are delighted to inform you that Europeade has been selected to receive the EFFE Label 2017-2018. Your application was approved by the International Jury following successful evaluation by the Hub Experts on a national level.

Europeade is now part of the EFFE festival community, facilitated by the European Festivals Association, which consists of festivals that stand for artistic quality and have a significant impact on the local, national and international level.
Your festival received the following feedback:
Europeade is a touring happening for indigenous regional folk culture – music, dance and song. Being the only one of its kind Europeade is covering  many aspects of folk culture and presenting great variety of activities from different cultures and backgrounds.