Frequently asked questions

What is the Forum?

The Forum, or ‘Europeade village’, is a meeting place where we accommodate the Europeade host cities during the entire event. Both the new cities and the cities where the Europeade has already taken place can participate in this. The Forum enables them to promote their city through tourist leaflets, and also by means of their local specialities, such as snacks and drinks…

For the groups, this is a place where they can meet and become acquainted with the cities which will be the next stops on the Europeade train. Street performances of some participating groups are (usually) also organised here.

Where can I get tickets for the events (opening, closing and choir evening)?

From the LOC (Local Organising Committee). The LOC decides whether non-participants will have to pay an entrance fee for the events or not.

For Namur, all events will be free of charge.

What happens if the group enrols 60 people, and only 50 people can participate in the end? Will our money be reimbursed?

You paid 50 % of the registration fee when you enrolled. The balance of the payment can be adjusted to the actual number of participants (either an increase or a reduction in total numbers) when the 2nd payment is made (before 1 May).
We can refund any overpaid amount up to 15 June. Refunds are no longer possible after this date, because we will then have made the 1st payment to the organising city.